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Koality is proud to now be part of Docker, Inc

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Unleash your developers

Powerful off-the-shelf testing capabilities for growing engineering organizations

Compress testing times

Leverage your secure cloud to accelerate testing by 64x, reducing build time up to 93%.

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Prevent delays

Eliminate build breaks by preventing bad changes from entering your repository.

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Real-time insights

Get insight into the performance of your teams and health of your build

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Debug with ease

Quickly debug failed changes in isolated production-identical sandbox environments

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"Koality has the potential to positively impact virtually every engineering organization."

– Dr. Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO

How is Koality different than other internal systems?

Total Security

Koality deploys behind-the-firewall, within your VPC or VPN.

Keep your existing build system

Use Koality’s parallelization and testing features alongside your existing system.

Highly Customizable

Our REST API makes adding unique features and functionality easy.

No Construction Time

A tool this robust takes months to build. Get your team on Koality within hours.

No Maintenance

We are constantly improving Koality, ensuring excellent reliability and uptime.

Tons of Integrations

Koality has more integrations than any other off-the-shelf solution.